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Worldwide Abortions Since Page Loaded:


Welcome to Frontline Life Centers

This is an actual abortion. A real baby is being killed in this photo. Frontline Life Centers stops at least some of these horrific killings. But we can’t do it without money. We are all unpaid volunteers but initial rent and security payments, various permits, build-out construction, computers, phones, office equipment, etc. needs to be paid for every new pro-life center.

It is shameful that pro-lifers do not have a national plan to protect unborn babies from abortionists in America. We have such a plan and we challenge the delinquent pro-life movement to help us implement it! Please help us stop these terrible, bloody executions of innocent preborn boys and girls. Help save these innocent children by donating today.

Help Us End Abortions

We must defend the 1.2 million American babies aborted each year! What is needed is a metaphorical declaration of war on abortionists by all pro-life pregnancy centers. It has been proven that placing our centers next to abortionists increases the saving of endangered babies’ lives. Frontline Life Centers “plants” pregnancy centers right in the face of abortionists.

So if you want to save more babies and plague more abortionists, join with Frontline Life Centers as volunteers and donors. An abortion intent client entering Planned Parenthood must be able to see her alternative – a next door pro-life pregnancy center, otherwise her baby will always be killed.