Speaking Request


If you know of an abortion facility with a rental space next door or nearby with a group of volunteers interested in opening a new CPC, contact us 774-230-1756. Successful, baby-saving CPCs locate their offices adjacent to abortion facilities and are aggressive with sidewalk counselors right outside the abortion mill. Pregnancy centers need to be right in the face of the abortion facility. More specifically, unless the location of the center is within the vision of the abortionist’s clients, driving or walking in, the center will not get the intended, numerous baby saves.

Frontline Life Center’s mission is to “plant” such frontline centers next door to abortion mills. Such an effort can’t be done without pro-lifers nearby who seriously want to save at least some of the endangered babies going in to the abortionists with their mothers. We have proven successes with new centers in Tampa, FL, Manchester, NH, Plattsburgh, NY and Springfield, MA. Other centers are being worked in other states also.

I have written a book that spells out this model, “Stopping Abortions at Death’s Door”.

“In this book, Rod Murphy presents his plan to have a pregnancy center, with volunteers trained in side-walk counseling, in close proximity to every abortion facility in the country. Rod calls on his experience on the front lines of this battle to explain why the pro-life movement must implement this strategy and then gives details on all the aspects of starting this ministry in your town. I wholeheartedly agree with Rod on the efficacy of this approach and encourage everyone to read this book.”
~ Jim Sedlak, founder of STOPP International (Stop Planned Parenthood)

In many cities I have been the speaker where I explain, encourage and exhort. If you are interested, I volunteer to do whatever you suggest. I want to save babies lives!

Rod Murphy